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My name is Idan Zalinger and I am a 3D designer and animator.

I paint and design since the day i could hold a pencil.

there is nothing I enjoy more than to bring my vision into realty. 

I studied graphic design at Holon Institute of Technology (H.I.T.).

I've been working as a 3D artist since 2006, doing a wide range of projects,

from kids shows and TV advertisements to product visualizations.

Due to my experience I can handle any part of the 3D process and take any project

from the beginning to the end.


I believe that the essence of every artwork is its basic story and the impact

it leaves on the observer,

so I would usually devote a great deal of attention on a good story to emerge.


Fill free to explore my work. hope you like it.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.








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